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No Big Deal Series

Hey there, friend! Do you ever feel nervous or scared about doing things like getting a haircut or going to the dentist? It's totally normal to feel that way, but it's important to practice those tricky self-care tasks so we can take good care of ourselves. One way to practice is by starting with “No Big Deals.” Getting a haircut can be a big deal for many people. If sitting in a chair is “No Big Deal” then that is a great place to start! By breaking these big skills down into smaller skills, we can celebrate each step until things like haircuts become “No Big Deal.” This takes time, though! So the key is to practice! Remember, it's okay to feel scared or nervous sometimes, but we don't want those feelings to stop us from taking care of ourselves. By practicing these steps, we can overcome those tricky tasks and feel proud of ourselves for taking care of our bodies and minds. Keep up the good work!

Strategies for No Big Deals

  • Practice, Practice, Practice! 

  • Use visual timers or tokens to make expectations clear. 

  • Allow for frequent breaks to keep everyone successful. 

  • Use "first", "then" statements and keep things positive!

“First sit in the chair, then we can choose your show!"

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