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Authors I've Published

Image of author Patty Torrance

Patty Torrance

Patty Torrance lives in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, with her husband and two children. Writing has always been something she has enjoyed. She enjoys writing books that capture the attention of small-town Saskatchewan kids.


Mari Lemieux is a young author from Alida, Saskatchewan. Inspired by her dad's extravagant bedtime stories and her mom's constant reminders to wear matching socks, she wrote "The Sock Monster". The original concept started when she was just seven years old, but at 16 she perfected it to what it is today. "The Sock Momster"

Image of Author Mari Lemieux
Image of author Debbie Kesslering


Debbie Kesslering lives on her farm near Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, with her husband. After raising their four children and catching 'Sugar Bugs' for over 25 years, she has been able to make her dream of writing a children's book a reality!! She hopes that it is useful and enjoyed by all!


Amelia likes to make people smile. She lives on a farm near Wawota, Saskatchewan with her parents Dennis and Sarah, her sister Madeleine and Katherine, their 5 cats Meow Meow, Nipsy, Lava, Mountain and Sheldon and two guinea pigs Snowball and Fifi.  Amelia is a student at Wawota Parkland School and deams of one day attending circus school.

Image of Author Amelia Weatherald
Image of author Bonnie Ecklund

Bonnie is a Family Nurse Practitioner and mom to her favourite little human, who inspired her to write about life around them. She divides her time between Southern California, USA, and Vancouver Island, Canada. When she is not writing or caring for patients, she can be found wandering through nature, hiking, traveling, giving animals hugs, and taking photographs.

More Authors Coming Soon

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