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This book is written from 2 different perspectives. Little Big Sister shows the perspective of a girl with an older brother with special needs. He has his own interests and ways of doing things, just like any big brother does. When the book is flipped over, it is written from the perspective of an older brother with special needs and a forgetful little sister to help.

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About Ashley

Ashley has always shown a passion for learning and creativity; being raised as the second eldest of nine children, she often found herself crafting and playing make-believe with her younger siblings to teach about the world around them. These passions converged when she fulfilled her dream of authoring a children’s book with her debut title “Alphabet in the Park”.

Having grown up in a tiny rural hamlet on the prairies, Ashley dreamt of a world much larger than the old schoolhouse where she and her family lived. She convocated with a degree in International Studies from the University of Saskatchewan and went on to teach English to children around the world. She aims to introduce topics of compassion, community, and respect for our differences into her published works.

In her personal time, you’ll find Ashley on the hunt for her next DIY project, snuggling her dog and two cats, singing (poorly), solving her way through an escape room, doing puzzles, or baking.

Guest Authors
Book by Debbie Kesslering
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Dentists Are No Big Deal

The book follows the heartwarming story of a dad and his daughter, Nora, as they practice getting ready for a trip to the dentist. With the help of her trusty teddy bear, Rosie, Nora models what to expect during the appointment. The dad patiently guides Nora through the process, helping to alleviate any fears and anxieties she may have. This delightful tale is perfect for any child who may be nervous about their upcoming dental visit and will surely leave them feeling more confident and at ease.

Book by Patty Torrance
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Hunting With My Dad

In these rhyming books, a young boy and girl go on a hunting trip with their dad in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan. They explore the great outdoors and learn about the animals that call this area home. With vibrant illustrations and a heartwarming story, these books will surely become beloved favourite's for hunting families.

Book by Mari Lemieux
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The Sock Momster

"The Sock Momster" is an engaging book for young children or people that enjoy vibrant colors and a creative storyline. Written by a young author about a struggle she had that we can all relate to. Where are her socks?!

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